News Flash!: Blogtipping triumphs over Cowtipping!


Blogtipping graphic

The Distillery humbly thanks WordPress blog chartreuse (Beta) for noticing its meager efforts on this month’s Blogtipping Day. Both praises and suggestions are duly noted. In return, it is an immense pleasure to add you to The Distillery’s blogroll. Instead of one “less potential friend,” you have one more definite friend. Please let me know if ever I can do you a favor. Again, thank you.

For those interested, more about the art, science, and alchemy of blogtipping can be found here (Successful and Outstanding Bloggers: A Community of Leaders) and here (Know More Media: All Business. All TheTime). And remember, share the love–and the tipping. But please, leave the poor bovines alone.

Blogtipping triumphs over cowtipping!

6 Responses to “News Flash!: Blogtipping triumphs over Cowtipping!”

  1. Liz Strauss Says:

    Whew! What a relief! Thanks for noticing. Some calf will be so grateful . . .


  2. SippinWhisky Says:

    You are most welcome, Liz. Thank you.

  3. Tim Stay Says:

    No cows were hurt in the creation of our icon! Nice to find you through Chartreuse.

  4. SippinWhisky Says:

    Thank you for stopping by, Tim. Nice to make your acquaintance.

    But are you certain about that cow? It looks less than entirely well to me, with its legs up in the air like that.

  5. Easton Ellsworth Says:

    “The poor bovines” – lol – that’s great.

  6. SippinWhisky Says:

    Oui, la pauvre vache.

    Thanks for stopping in, Easton.

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