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Acme Filmworks

Thursday, 8 June 2006; 10:10

Mo’ better fun. Acme Filmworks has fully broken the tension of an hectic morning. I feel much better now. I am certain Acme will brighten your day, too. And if it does not, have someone check your pulse.

There is a huge volume of excellent content at this site. Take your time and look around. Hey, one of their people, Paul Driessen, actually did The Beatles’ Yellow Submarine! You may think otherwise, but I’d consider that a pretty decent resumé line item.

Acme animated gif

Acme Filmworks banner

Studio SOI

Thursday, 8 June 2006; 9:37

I can tell it will be one of those days. Up way too early this morning to field calls about computer security on the local talk radio station, clients calling and wanting things yesterday, and…well, you know how it is. What I need now is a fix to restore my insanity. (Yes, you read that last sentence correctly.)

Studio SOI fits that bill perfectly. And, they are closely affiliated with another Distillery finding, the superb studio aka. So, turn up the volume a tad and enjoy the work of some excellent animation and content creators from Germany. To see the good stuff, click on Work from the site’s menu. Be certain to watch the DEMOREEL and FILMS. (Who says Germans are stuffy and too serious? They are clearly mistaken, at least in this case.)