China Airlines & the Boeing 747-400


One word comes to mind to describe this ad: Elegance. But, just what is being advertised? China Airlines or the Boeing 747-400? If my suspicions are correct, and seeing what many other firms are now doing, it is a loving and profitable relationship.

It is formally called co-branding. And quite frankly, this is one co-branding alliance that has produced a beautiful online marketing campaign. I love the option of sky colors. The music is perfect–both theme- and volume-wise. And, many of the still images are gorgeous. (Who did this ad? I wanna know!)

Can you spell O-l-y-m-p-i-c-s? Convince me otherwise than this being a ramp-up to the upcoming Olympic games in China. After seeing this ad, and even knowing the pleasures JAL, I’m definitely flying China Airlines and the 747-400 when given the opportunity.

A pointer: Do not click “Next” too quickly or you may miss some of the still images. And last, I love the tagline used in this promo for a magnificent plane: Still a miracle. Indeed, as airliners go, it is.

China Airlines graphic (plane) China Airlines graphic (plane 2)

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