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De Beers – “A Diamond Is A Girl’s Best Friend”

Saturday, 10 June 2006; 9:30

Only through my persistence did De Beers Diamonds barely avoid joining The Distillery’s Hall of Shame. Finding the rich media content at that site was no less difficult than De Beers likely finds the mining of diamonds. (At least I get a better reward for my mining efforts than do De Beers’ dirt poor African miners.) Does that make the De Beers site a diamond in the rough? Largely, the answer is yes.

Feel free to look through all the many static pages, but any true hope in being impressed resides in clicking on Radiance Collection, Rules of Engagement, De Beers: Talisman Collection, and theoretically De Beers Diamond: Beauty Scan (which revealed only a blank black screen on my monitor.)

For a company that prides itself on its diamonds and that essentially has a monopoly in diamonds, maybe De Beers should have someone develop a version of the well-known 4 Cs (cut, clarity, color, and carat), by which one is supposed to gauge the quality of a diamond, to measure the quality of its web site–or lack thereof. Then again, maybe that’s a job for The Distillery. Hmmm….

De Beers diamond graphic 02

Labatt Beer

Saturday, 10 June 2006; 8:37

Labatt beer definitely has the best music of any site yet seen here at The Distillery. I almost forgot that I was looking to make a blog entry as I sat listening. Fortunately, the music makes up for a site that although is not at particularly bad, also is not very extensive.

I will save you some potentially useful time. Click on /Beer, and especially the draught tower image to see the meager additional worthwhile content. Now, given it is Saturday, use that extra few minutes to grab a cold beer out of the fridge. Then slowly open the can or bottle, take a long deep drink and say, “Ahhh….”

Oops, I almost forgot. Let the songs play through to the end, then open your Temporary Internet Files folder and copy the MP3-formatted songs to the music folder on your hard drive. Now say thanks to Lablatt for nine nice music files.

Labatt Wildcat Strong beer graphic