Labatt Beer


Labatt beer definitely has the best music of any site yet seen here at The Distillery. I almost forgot that I was looking to make a blog entry as I sat listening. Fortunately, the music makes up for a site that although is not at particularly bad, also is not very extensive.

I will save you some potentially useful time. Click on /Beer, and especially the draught tower image to see the meager additional worthwhile content. Now, given it is Saturday, use that extra few minutes to grab a cold beer out of the fridge. Then slowly open the can or bottle, take a long deep drink and say, “Ahhh….”

Oops, I almost forgot. Let the songs play through to the end, then open your Temporary Internet Files folder and copy the MP3-formatted songs to the music folder on your hard drive. Now say thanks to Lablatt for nine nice music files.

Labatt Wildcat Strong beer graphic

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