FIFA – “Milestones of Football”


As almost the entire world knows, with a significant portion of the U.S.A. population being a possible exception, it’s time for football. Or in “Americaneze,” soccer. FIFA, the sport’s world governing body, offers us a very nice presentation of soccer’s history with its Milestones of Football.

The Distillery also calls your attention to FIFA has fully embraced the internet’s potential for both pulling together and distributing content of global proportions. Its site is a virtual cornucopia of sights and sounds. Although The Distillery will certainly bring you more football/soccer during the World Cup, for now have a closer look at’s video archives for Classic Moments from FIFA World Cup History.

One might also note the URL of those archives. Yahoo is obviously quite serious about not being left behind by the online video “re-evolution.” With Yahoo cornering a very significant portion of the FIFA World Cup video provider market (read the news release), many other video content providers may have been left scrambling for other, if any, remaining pieces.

FIFA image 01 FIFA image 02

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