Land Rover & Go Beyond TV


First, I apologize about no postings yesterday, but I could not get into–at least whenever I had a few free minutes. That said…

Land Rover’s Go Beyond TV is the future here now. This is fully immersive internet-based advertising. It is light-years beyond advertising as we have historically come to know it. Beyond TV is a true 21st century marketing hybrid with elements of traditional TV, an online video magazine, an infomercial, educational videos, a travel channel, and information about the product. Even more, it’s an experience.

Quite frankly, The Distillery cannot believe more firms have not yet arrived at the understanding of today’s online possibilities shown by Land Rover. Why haven’t more Fortune 500 firms begun their own internet-based TV channels? Yes, there are firms such as Feedroom and NarrowStep which likely provide economies of scale and turnkey solutions, but even Land Rover does not have a URL for its Range Rover videos and others. What’s up with that? With the boom in online video, when will more firms realize that a .tv suffix may well be their best way to reach tech-savvy consumers who now do not have separate TVs and computers, but integrated media centers?

Oh, and be certain to watch Bolivia Death Road. That’s the way?! No way!!!

Range Rover LR3 image Range Rover Sport image

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