ASUS Vento 7700 (China)


Once again, I am stymied by my ignorance of kanji. However, ASUS, a computer and hardware manufacturer, has created a beautiful rich content site for the Chinese market.

ASUS graphic 02 ASUS graphic 01

As an aside, and although not multimedia, you might find it interesting to see how China’s #1 basketball player, Yao Ming, is used in a promotion.

Yao Ming

Also interesting, but again not multimedia, is this co-branding by ASUS and Lamborghini. Might we need any more proof that America’s market of approximately 300 million people is beginning to play second fiddle to China’s several billion? I do not think this particular promotion is even available in the United States. (Please correct me if I am wrong.)

ASUS and Lamborghini co-branding graphic

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