Kohler Power


Given it is hurricane season here on the east coast, The Distillery will use Kohler Power to provide a public service message about backup power generators. (Kohler’s online content for its generators is barely passable as multimedia. I think I heard a sound in there somewhere.)

For another project on which I am working, I interviewed local police about what they saw, and would advise homeowners during hurricanes. Their answers were both interesting and obvious, with displaced alligators topping the list along with flooded backup power generators. Yes, flooded generators. Many homeowners buy gasoline-powered generators, but then make a really stupid mistake. They place their new generator on the first or ground floor. So with the storm surge and flooding, that nice generator is suddenly covered with water!

In fact, I was at a friend’s house only a few days ago. He was very proud to have thought about backup power and buying a nice generator, but he had made that very mistake. Imagine his chagrin when I pointed this out to him. Duh! So remember, if you plan on that backup power generator working when you need it, be certain to place it on a platform above any anticipated flood levels.

Kohler logo Kohler generator graphic

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