Vodafone – 2006 Summer Models (Japan)


Seasonal cell phones? Apparently so with Vodafone’s 2006 Summer Models. And come to think of it, many people do seem to change their cell phones with any change in the weather. (Me? I’d probably still be using the one I bought 10 years ago, if I could.)

But once again, we see the very coolest consumer electronics from Japan never make it across the Pacific Ocean to America. Case in point is the Vodafone 905SH with its portrait or landscape view screen, termed a “Cycloid Style” screen by Vodafone. Maybe the small screen won’t be so small after all.

Not only does this phone receive televised broadcasts (analog or digital), it can also record them. Even more, you can set a time for the phone to automatically start recording broadcasts. That’s not all. It’s also a gaming platform. Jeesh, this cell phone does almost everything! (Okay, this is one new cell phone I really like.)

905SH cell phone graphic 01 905SH graphic 02

905SH normal display graphic 905SH widescreen display graphic

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