Boeing Airborne Laser Missile Defense System


As anyone who has not been locked away without any exposure to current events knows, North Korea is right now in the middle of test-firing its newly developed missiles. We also know these events have created great consternation both in the White House and around the world. So what’s country to do?

Answer: The Boeing Airborne Laser Missile Defense System

Quite frankly, to my astonishment The Distillery has opened a few doors typically closed to the general public. This 6.5 minute video showcasing America’s Star Trek-like response to any long-range missile threats from North Korea is certainly intended to be propaganda. It simply can not be mere coincidence or happenstance that just today I received an e-mail informing me that this video was now available. Therefore, by showing it here, let it not ever be said that The Distillery hasn’t done its part to protect America’s [fast-eroding] freedoms.

But I do have one question: Just how operational is this technology? I guess is it is very operational. Might any North Korean missiles that supposedly self-destructed soon after their launches actually have met a far different fate than that reported in the mainstream media? Hmmm….

Added: Laser Turret Ball Rotation (Note the deliberate blurring of the laser’s “eye.”)

Airborne Laser Missile Defense Airplane graphic

(Addendum: I find it strangely ironic that this posting follows The John Lennon Songwriting Contest. Yes, let’s just Imagine….)

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