24 hours a day of streaming video for diehard automobile racing fans (inc. Kart, F1, GrandAm, everything!)? Yes, at RaceWorld.tv.

And with this, we are witnessing firsthand the blurring of all distinctions between traditional television and TVoip. Which will be which, in no time at all? But even more, what’s a cable company to do when you can now essentially bypass them, both as producers and receivers of content, and unbound by any geographical boundaries?

RaceWorld is a pan-European multi-media television and internet concept, exclusively covering motorsport. In addition to broadcasting live, recorded and archived TV, it is proactive on the internet, on mobile phones and in merchandising.

RaceWorld has produced a cutting-edge weekly motorsports show for the past five years, broadcast on Sky and through the Fox network, and has also led the field in providing live TV coverage of the DTM and its support races through the internet and mobile phones for the past two years. Its live on-track and studio talk shows with stars and cars have also become a must-see for racefans.

Now RaceWorld is taking the final step in launching its own 24-hour/7 day TV channel on ASTRA Digital, and it will continue to bring all the best in world motorsport to your screens. Race fans can watch,feel and discover what topline motorsport – and the people behind it – is all about.

RaceWorld will take racefans behind doors closed to others, as well as showing all the best from the DTM through Champ Car and GrandAm to features on Formula 1, drivers, lifestyles, circuits and racecars. This wealth of material, together with RaceWorld’s vast film and video archives stretching back to the dawn of motor racing, have logically led to Raceworld TV becoming an ASTRA channel in its own right.

Do I smell malodorous regulatory bodies and lobbyists around here somewhere? Is this even on their radar yet? If not, I bet you it will be. And come to think of it, might it not possibly be a slam dunk for a smaller network like Fox to go for first-mover advantage by fulling leveraging all its assets toward the internet now?

Raceworld.tv logo

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