Motorola & Burton Snowboards


It’s blazing hot down here in the South. Maybe that’s why The Distillery is looking for something to cool it off — and has found it. Motorola and Burton Snowboards bring you snowboarding and the Open Snowboarding Championships. (Roll your cursor over the cuckoo clock. Go ahead. It won’t hurt.) They also bring you a plethora of snowboarding videos. (Are you watching Tony Hawk?)

It appears that Motorola continues to have a good handle on its customers’ demographics. It was all about pagers back in the day, but now those same young adults are using cell phones. (I still use my Motorola pager. Ol’skool, I am.) They also recognize the often extreme lifestyles of that younger demographic, or at least extreme lifestyles by proxy or vicarious living. Indeed, what sane person honestly and truly wishes to catch big air on a half-pipe? (Okay, I’m not as sane as some people might think.)

Even more, the site captures the nuances of its intended target market. For example, there is use of the word “bling” to describe its limited edition Dolce & Gabbana GOLD RAZR V3i. On that same page, we also learn, “Martina Navratilova is perhaps the world’s most famous snowboarding lesbian.” (That’s certainly news to me — the snowboarding part, that is.)

Elsewhere in the site we find out where the first true car phone was used — on the moon in the Lunar Rover, and it was a Motorola. And, each Motorola-Burton sponsored snowboarder has a blog at the site. Yes, this site was specifically designed for your grandchildren.

snowboarder's view from mountaintop graphic

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