Kid Witness News (Panasonic)


Kid Witness News (KWN) is a hands-on video education program created to encourage students in rural or economically disadvantaged areas to develop valuable cognitive, communication and organizational skills through the use of digital video technology. Panasonic developed the program in the United States in 1989 with a global expansion in 2003 reaching out to more than 70,000 children around the world.

Winners from around the world are invited by Panasonic to the New York area to participate in a weekend of activities to celebrate their accomplishments in videography, and to receive their honors at the prestigious New Vision Awards Ceremony.

Panasonic knows to get them while they’re young. Its Kid Witness News features award-winning videos made by young students and are perceptions of “The World Through Their Eyes”.

However, the link is to a presentation of the awards program and does not immediately reveal any of the videos produced by the young up-and-coming student producers. Given that, it does not come anywhere close to the best multimedia content (and in reality, corporate PR) found online. Doesn’t Panasonic realize that the kids’ videos themselves are what people (i.e., consumers) would like to see, and are far more likely to plant the name Panasonic in online viewers’ minds?

That said, The Distillery has partially viewed the awards presentation video and can point you to actual video footage from the kids themselves at the following points. Use your player’s seek bar to navigate. Beyond those, you are on your own. Everything in between is as boring as watching a video of paint drying.

9 minutes
30 minutes
41 minutes
47 minutes
54 minutes
59 minutes (an excellent one indeed)
64 minutes (also superb)
72 minutes
76 minutes

Kid Witness News home page: Kid Witness News

KWN kid graphic Maui news article graphic

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