Airbus A350 XWB


Can anything or anyone save Airbus? Just in case you do not regularly watch the business news, there currently is a race on between Airbus and Boeing to build the better medium-sized passenger jet. For Boeing, it is the previously featured Dreamliner. For Airbus, it is the A350 XWB (extra wide body). And in both cases, the futures of the firms fly on the backs of both building the passenger planes and finding buyers.

But also for both, buyers typically come before the first production plane rolls off the assembly line. And that’s where Airbus is now encountering troubles as large as its A380 Navigator and its unmistakable super-duper-sized-transport plane, the Beluga. Even within the past several weeks, we have seen heads rolling at Airbus over the delayed production of the A350. Conversely, Boeing has already pre-sold several hundreds of its Dreamliner. That is why Airbus finds itself in a nosedive some doubt from which it can regain altitude.

Airbus’ woes are echoed throughout its web site. Several promotional videos at the Airbus site do not play. Others lead to the dreaded “404 page not found.” Conversely, Boeing provides more video of its Dreamliner than even The Distillery cares to watch.

The bottom line: If Airbus’ troubles with its A350 are half as pronounced as the problems with the firm’s corporate web site, place your seats in an upright position, lean forward with your head down to your knees, and prepare for a crash landing.

Home page:

Note: I can certainly understand the problems Airbus is having. Navigating its convoluted web site to put together this closer look was a nightmare.

Airbus Japan graphic

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