Virtools, The Behavior Company


How about something I think the vast majority of you have not yet seen? Yet, you should. And why so? Because it’s really special. Trust me on this one.

First, download and install the Virtools 3D web player. (Macromedia/Adobe Flash player wasn’t good enough for the French? As usual, what is?) Then have a look at this visual-only demonstration to make certain it is working. Ready? Then let’s play. Web designers, pay attention. You do not wish to miss this.

First, have a look at this spectacular 3-D demonstration from eTinToys. Next, close the office door and have a blast with the Urban Adrenaline online game. Very cool. Beautiful 3D graphics, too.

Now click on over to ChatPark3D. Weird. Cool. Little people 3D avatars! (Just sign in with anything. It’ll work.) Now check out the all-too-real physics with the Car Arena Physics Demo. Crash! (No, not the movie.) From there, explore around on your own. Enjoy.

Okay, this time the French are on to something. This is several steps beyond mere Flash. The integration of the two means some wickedly nice web sites should start showing up. Yep, Virtools is a real winner. Web designers and viewers alike, don’t miss it or you will be sorry.

Oh, one more thing — the faster your computer is and with at least 1 GB of RAM, the better your experience. This one isn’t for sissy computers. I also now see why they call themselves a “behavior” company.

Home page: Virtools, The Behavior Company

Virtools player graphic


2 Responses to “Virtools, The Behavior Company”

  1. Virtools, The Behavior Company | GameBlop Says:

    […] Virtools, The Behavior Company How about something I think the vast majority of you have not yet seen? Yet, you should. And why so? Filed under Games by Sol Dowdal. Permalink • Print • Email […]

  2. SippinWhisky’s Distillery » Blog Archive » (3D Engine Realtime Generator) Says:

    […] Yesterday, we saw the magnificent 3D effects delivered by Virtools, The Behavior Company. Today, we look at a 2006 Seattle Flashforward contest finalist 3D effort from and generated with Flash. […]

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