FedEx Racing (NASCAR)


What better match for speedy overnight delivery is there for FedEx than NASCAR — at least here in America? FedEx apparently takes its sponsorship of the #11 NASCAR very seriously. The web site is very well-designed and remains current with the FedEx Pre-Race/Preview Show.

There is also the excellent Tour the #11 FedEx Race Shop, where avid NASCAR fans will find some interesting and informative videos. (I’ll let you in on a secret. I’m a redneck. Yes, it’s true. And, I love NASCAR. I grew up watching Richard Petty as much as others might watch Tiger Woods today. Also, I still use STP in my engines.* Do you? If so, the man with the dark sunglasses would be very proud of you.)

And although not multimedia, Racing Lessons is a nice primer for those of you who know little or nothing about NASCAR racing. (I thought they’d tell us about double-clutching, over- and under-steer, etc., but that’s okay. I’ve already learned those things from my old BMW mechanic, a former stock car racer himself. We fully destroyed a BMW transmission during my lessons. Luckily, BMW-North America picked up the tab. See, I really am a redneck.)

Now turn your attention to the #11 car itself. FedEx has nicely designed this aspect of the site. The Distillery especially likes the manner in which the car can be manipulated either by clicking on it directly, or by using the console to the right of your screen. As has been said, beauty is in the details. Notice the detail of the image on the animated console indicating your point of view. Be certain to click on the orange dot indicating the front wheel. Then click again to Take off the tire and see what’s behind that front wheel.

From there, follow your mouse to the car’s 360-degrees interior view. Again using your mouse, rotate the car’s interior to see what a NASCAR looks like inside. We get a nicely detailed view and likely as close to actually sitting inside a NASCAR as 99.9% of us will ever get. And being ol’skool, I just love seeing all the analog dials and gauges instead of the idiot lights now found on most cars.

Now turn your attention to the #11 Race Transporter. I don’t know about you, but I’ve always wondered what those big rigs looked like inside. In that regard, FedEx Racing again does not disappoint. You’ll find a very nice video tour once you enter the transporter. You’ll also find the transporter’s interior may be nicer than your home’s! However, it appears we will have to check back sometime later to see the Pit Box tour which is not yet online. That’s most forgivable with the site’s present quantity and quality of content. Thanks, FedEx. (But I’m still shipping UPS.)

* For those a tad younger, Richard Petty was STP’s spokesperson for more years than I can remember. For NASCAR baby boomers, Richard Petty and STP oil treatment are synonymous.

Home page: FedEx

FedEx Racing logo

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