I find it very ironic that a pre-computers brick-and-mortar firm such as Caterpillar “gets” the internet more than Silicon Graphics, a firm that all but owes its existence to the internet. How can that be? There are mysteries of the universe (and business) still not understood.

Let us see the sizzle at Caterpillar by starting with its Caterpillar Cat Chopper. In fact, Caterpillar even gives the big yellow hog its own mini-site. Yes, that’s a lot of yellow sizzle and we’ve yet to even see or smell the steak. (Are you paying attention, SGI? Jeesh, beat by a bunch of guys and gals that move dirt instead of pixels? Yes SGI, you’ve fallen very, very low.)

And here is the steak — videos for Caterpillar’s Cat Lift Trucks and mining equipment. There is the Cat Lift Truck mini-site that has a focused eye on multimedia presentations, such as this demonstration. Elsewhere, we find a video for the AccuGrade Laser Grade Control System. And there is more — a video for the 930G Wheel Loader.

We then find content like that which The Distillery expected to find at SGI, but did not. Have a look at this superb 3D fly-through of the 420D Backhoe Loader at the Caterpillar Model Explorer. (Important: You will need to begin at the Caterpillar 3D Showcase to download and install the requisite Active X plugin.) Given all that has been easily found, there is likely more rich media at Caterpillar, but the point has been made. Even B2B and industrial markets should be able to smell and hear the steak before they actually see it.

A high level of customer service has always been a Caterpillar selling point. I don’t know about the present, but at one time Caterpillar guaranteed the delivery of any parts to any place on the planet within 24 hours. And should that not still be the case, they certainly do not follow Microsoft’s example of kissing goodbye to customers who own older products. Have a look at heavy equipment history with Caterpillar’s Legendary Service Literature Catalogs (not multimedia).

And last, here is something (not multimedia) for the little boy [or girl] in us who once marveled at big heavy equipment and hopefully still lurks within us somewhere. Can you identify each piece of Caterpillar’s heavy machinery simply from its silhouette?

Home page: Caterpillar

Cat Lift Truck graphic Caterpillar Cat Chopper graphic

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