Kawasaki Ninja ZX-14


Zero to sixty in less than 3 seconds? A top speed approaching 200 mph? One hundred, seventy-five horses strapped to only 560 pounds? It sounds insane, doesn’t it? Well, I want one! Those are some of the white-knuckle specs for Kawasaki’s new Ninja ZX-14 motorcycle.

Unfortunately, the ZX-14’s mini-site by Kawasaki does not convey the sense of seemingly unbridled power and speed of the street-legal beast it is advertising. That is not to say the site isn’t very nicely done, but it lacks the raw emotion that even the mere numbers outlining the motorcycle’s specifications generate. In other words, after hearing and reading about the ZX-14 beforehand, the online promotion is a disappointment.

In fact, a glance through Kawasaki’s primary web site for its motorcycles reveals videos for other motorcycles that are far better at making one want to run out and buy a Ninja than those for its new flagship model. Maybe the bike will sell itself. Maybe it’s designed for a very small market that needs no selling. Maybe it will fly out of showroom as quickly as it gets you down the road. (And, maybe you should buy a coffin to go along with that magnificent speed demon.)
Kawasaki Ninja ZX-14 graphic

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