Oxford Internet Institute (Univ. of Oxford)


I had to find a means of working in something which is entirely non-multimedia (and needs little advertising or promotion), but is still very impressive. So by way of webcasts from the Oxford Internet Institute, we have over 2,500 magnificent 360-degree tours of almost the entire University of Oxford campus and surrounding area.

To think of the footsteps that walked Oxford’s campuses and halls (e.g., Erasmus, John Donne, Roger Bacon, Oscar Wilde, Indira Gandhi, Gertrude Bell, J.R.R. Tolkien), sometimes centuries before any of ours, is truly humbling. If you have been there, you will very much enjoy each and every virtual tour. It is the best collection of virtual tours The Distillery has yet to find online.

However, The Distillery cannot overlook the Oxford Internet Institute itself. Just some of the gems found there include webcasts such as The Future of the Web: Sir Tim Berners-Lee, Internet Security: Legend or Myth: John Levine, and The New Shape of Knowledge: From Trees to Piles of Leaves.

Home pages: University of Oxford and Oxford Internet Institute

oxford_crest.gif oxford_students.jpg

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