Silicon Graphics, Inc. (SGI)


I expected great things from Silicon Graphics (SGI). Unfortunately, its web site and decidedly boring streaming videos dashed those expectations. Although SGI typically does not sell to the general public or average end user, someone is forgetting it takes not only a good steak to remain in business, but also some sizzle to sell even to professional, government, or industrial markets.

That miscalculation may be evidenced by Silicon Graphics’ recent filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. Might this be a case of a firm thinking its products simply sell themselves, and thus very little emphasis or consideration are given to the internet as one of its best (and expected) promotion and information tools? Seems so. Although SGI has a streaming media center, does it really think it will grab the attentions of “just-doing-my-job” corporate or government buyers with videos as boring — and outdated — as this one for the U.S. Army Tank and Automotive Command (TACOM)?

Maybe SGI purposefully works hard at producing boring online content. How else does one explain turning multimedia clips of NBA basketball played by Michael Jordan, Vince Carter, and Lebron James into bathroom breaks?! And with this video of SGI’s use by digital media firms, it seems to have a slight clue, but still misses the mark.

In sum, as SGI reorganizes itself under Chapter 11, let’s hope any new management understands they actually have to properly promote and sell products to remain in business. As a company once considered the absolute leader in graphics, and with graphics taking over the entire internet in the forms of movies to 3D simulations, maybe Silicon Graphics should pay a bit more attention to using some of its silicon and graphics on the web for “Wow!-ing” potential buyers with their products. Otherwise, we’ll be reading about SGI in another chapter in the bankruptcy book of fairy tales — Chapter 7.

Home page: Silicon Graphics, Inc.

Silicon Graphics graphic

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