2006 PGA Championship


The Tiger has roared once again. Most recently it was at the British Open, but can he be the biggest, baddest cat again? Might he be driven into the rough or will he iron flat the PGA Championship, too? (He used his driver only once during the 2006 British Open.) Given his ability to avoid the bunkers at last year’s Open, will he need the free Blast Out of Bunkers advice offered at the PGA Championship web site?

If not that, he has a collection of golfing instructional videos from which to chose at PGA.com’s Improve Your Game. And should he find himself playing on another “Tiger-proofed” course, he can always listen to audio descriptions of each hole, like this one for Hole No. 1.

If in need of a bit of inspiration, he can view Jack’s Insights on the PGA.com home page. Should he break a club or two in frustration, he can enter the contest for a set of Titleist Pro Titanium clubs, as can you. And should Mr Woods not make the cut, he can always fall back on Island Mini Golf from TBS.com.

Overall, it appears the PGA is shooting far below par when it comes to its internet offerings. And in this case, it’s just like golf. “Far below par” is to be a winner. A great first round, PGA. You have The Distillery’s seal of approval.

Home page: 2006 PGA Championship
Home page: PGA

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