Gibson Guitars


Nashville is filled to its gills with guitars — and terrible guitar pickers. There are so many guitars badly played that the coffee house I frequented while living there finally imposed a “No Guitars!” rule. (The vote was unanimous among us, the regulars.) But instead of hurting your ears with “Mom’s in prison and my dog just died” picking and grinning, Gibson Guitars takes you on a video tour of the Gibson factory and a bit of Nashville. (And isn’t that what’s-his-name from Cheers? Yea, it is! It’s Norm!)

While you’re there, take a few minutes and look through Gibson’s Video Vault. The first video is of Joan Jett and The Blackhearts singing A.C.D.C. Also be certain to enter the contests. Even I’d like a Les Paul.

(By the way, Nashville is the most god-awful and racist city in which I have ever lived. That was one place I could not wait to see in my car’s rearview mirror.)

Home page: Gibson

Les Paul Goddess guitar graphic

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