I must remember to keep my expectations low. With all the billions and billions of dollars traded each day at the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), one might expect a few thousand of of those dollars to be well-spent on a very nice online promotion. Not! Instead, we find the NYSE has discovered a way to make yesterday’s [27 July 06] special ringing of the day’s opening bell by Accenture, celebrating its fifth year of listing, a real yawner. You can “virtually” ring The Bell(s) for yourself here.

Okay, I’ll just take a deep breath. I’ve been here before. That’s why I have a closet full of wingtip shoes. Business is supposed to be boring, right? (Okay, so one pair of my wingtips are actually Doc Martens.) Keeping with that tradition of boredom, we also find NYSE 4 On The Floor and its “Exclusive insights from global leaders.” Boring!

On the other hand, the NYSE does recognize the importance of timeliness in business. To that end, it provides Before the Bell, a video broadcast from the trading floor by CNBC’s Bob Pisani each business morning at 9 AM (EDT). It also makes available Market Pulse and Market Wrap from its page of From the Floor webcasts. The index page for all its webcasts can be found here.

That’s it. That’s all I have to say about that.

Home page: New York Stock Exchange (NYSE)

Ringing of NYSE opening bell graphic

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