BlogPulse (Neilsen BuzzMetrics)


We are being watched. We have been assigned monikers and buzzwords. We have our own metrics. We have buzz. We are bloggers.

They show up in our blogs’ search statistics. They take our pulse and index our blogs to see if we’re buzzing. They assign us metrics and measures. They openly state they wish to take over the world (or at least searching the blogosphere). They are Nielsen.

I have to give Nielsen due credit. Its imminent death has been supposed more than once, each time after a major change in consumers’ content consumption channels or after various outcries by advertisers and/or advertising agencies. However, Nielsen is still here and seems to be adjusting to its changing environment — and the rise of consumer-generated content — with aplomb once again.

So if you are a blogger, you might wish to view the following explanatory videos from BlogPulse:

General Overview
Focus On Technology

And from there, point your mouse/trackball/cursor/trackpad/middle finger at Nielsen’s BlogPulse Tools Overview page where you will find additional videos worth taking a few minutes of your time to view.

Important Addendum: Bloggers, submit your blog for indexing by BlogPulse here.

Home page: BlogPulse
Home page: Nielsen BuzzMetrics

BlogPulse graphic 01 BlogPulse Trend graphic BlogPulse trend graphic 02 BlogPulse conversation tracker graphic BlogPulse profiles graphic

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