Earnhardts Tribute (Budweiser)


Legal Advisement: The following commercial content is to be viewed only by individuals 21 years of age or older.

From dirt to pavement, B&W to high-def, mullets to… mullets, tradition rolls on. ~Budweiser

Budweiser is a tradition.* And although the demographics reading this are far from those indicative of typical Budweiser-drinking NASCAR fans, there is little doubt that the latter are also becoming American traditions. (Did I somewhere hear rumors about exporting NASCAR to Europe? Blasphemy, I say!) Also now a tradition is an Earnhardt not infrequently winning a NASCAR race. Dale, Jr. has stepped in after his father’s death, and Dale, Sr. picked up where his father, Ralph, left off. NASCAR is clearly a family tradition for the Earnhardts.

Thus the superb fit of Budweiser tradition with that of NASCAR tradition and three generations of Earnhardts. Enjoy this short video clip of the Earnhardts throughout NASCAR history graciously produced and provided by Budweiser.

Home page: Budweiser

* What is the best beer on the market? Please leave your opinions in the comments. Tomorrow I’ll tell you which beer has consistently finished in either first or second place several times during my own double-blind taste-testings. The answer is almost certain to surprise you. (This one is for you, M.M.)

Old Budweiser bottle graphic Know When To Say When graphic

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