Sing the Jingle (Oscar Mayer)


Some of us have advertising jingles in our heads that even the dreaded memory-robbing Alzheimer’s disease fears. For baby boomers, that means every single one of us can sing, entirely from memory, the Oscar Mayer jingle we heard a million times as kids. Oh, I wish I were an Oscar Mayer weiner….

It must be a great jingle. It has certainly lasted the test of time. (Is there another even close to its equal?) And now, decades after its introduction, we can not only sing the jingle, but also play with it at Oscar Mayer’s Jingle Jam. You get to choose the beat, musical instrument, auto or manual play, or best of all — play it yourself on your computer’s keyboard!

It’s always nice to find something new, different, and most unexpected. It’s an added bonus when that find has you recall your childhood and smile. With clearly deliberate design by Oscar Mayer, that means both children and adults will enjoy playing around with this online promotion.

Some of your kids (or you?) might still catch the current internet video wave with Oscar Mayer’s Be A Star video contest. Go ahead, give him or her your videocam. S/he just might make you famous. Many of these entrants, however, probably will not.

Oops…don’t overlook the games page. You might even go retro and hot dog your Pong skills.

Home page: Oscar Mayer

Oscar Mayer logo graphic

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