Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger


How much power is there in video for persons holding political offices? One person who certainly knows is The Terminator, now the governor of California. (Another was former President Ronald Reagan. This President? He’s clueless. Did you see him talking to Britain’s PM Blair with a mouth full of food? I know his mother taught him better than that.)

Have a peek at this video of Governor Schwarzenegger, a.k.a. The People’s Governor, visiting heat-beleaguered farmers in California’s Central Valley region within the past week or so. (He’s not wasting time getting those videos online, is he? As noted, he knows the power of video.) You might next have a gander at Gov. Arnold announcing the creation of the California Hall of Fame.

Great PR, Gov. Arnold. You learned a great deal from saying nothing throughout entire movies. Wait a minute. I’m mistaken. One time you did say, “I’ll be back.”

Home page: California Office of the Governor

CA Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and Britain's PM Blair photo graphic

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