(Whack the Penguin)


I love the internet.* Who knows what will turn up next. Sometimes it’s a gem; other times it’s a bird. This is one of those latter times. And, it appears to be more a labor of love than commercial. (You can donate one or two dollars/euros/yen/pesos/etc. via PayPal. Why not do so?)

But what is BirdCheck? And, is it multimedia? The answer to the second question is “No,” for the most part. BirdCheck is not about selling and advertising, but appears to be a lone person’s laudable efforts to place The Complete Morris’s British Birds 1891 online. (For an American frame of reference, think James Audubon.)

Although BirdCheck is quite wonderful in its intent and execution, and you could spend days enjoying the images, The Distillery calls your attention to some Friday fun — Whack the Penguin. But worry not about the poor penguin. As a resident of CartoonLand, he gets right back up with no harm done. He’s said to even enjoy it. Now, you enjoy.

* No, it is not capitalized. Why should it be? Do we capitalize “power grid,” “sewer system,” or “telephone?” No, we do not. We capitalize proper nouns, and “internet” is not a proper noun. (Whew! I’ve waited too long to get that rant out of my rack of raves.)

Home page:
Home page: Whack the Penguin

Dusky Grebe graphic

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