The Distillery has been found to be lacking once again. There are some products which are never considered for inclusion here. It’s not because they are disliked, it’s just they are never considered. That’s when serendipity comes to the rescue.

What about evacuation to the hospital of your choice if you are injured or sick while on vacation? Does your Visa, MasterCard, or American Express card cover that? No. Even more, as we have seen with recent world events, even the American Embassy is often found lacking. That’s when MedJetAssist flies to your aid. (Why do I have visions of Mighty Mouse flying around in my head right now? Oh yea,… Here I come to save the day! Mighty Mouse is on his way!)

MedJetAssist is an emergency medical air evacuation insurance service which operates around the globe. (Great idea!) The company will fly you to any hospital in the world and also cover repatriation (if you are overseas), as long as you’re at least 150 miles from home. The service has even caught the attention of Fox News. Pricing? Very reasonable considering the service offered.

Home page: MedJetAssist

MedJetAssist logo graphic Passport graphic

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