(Easy $$$ for bloggers!)


Fellow bloggers, look below at the posting for Davison Design. As you can see, it is labeled as an advertisement. But not only is it an advertisement, it’s a paying advertisement. The outcome of that singular posting is $10 US deposited in my PayPal account. Easy money, I’d say. (Update: No entries at The Distillery are now associated with

It’s so easy that I’m passing along how you, too, can get paid for blog postings. Point your browser/mouse/trackball/cursor/command line/etc. to (And yes, I’ll even be paid for this posting. Ain’t life wonderful?) Open an account as a blogger and then look through the listings of opportunities. Those are advertisers willing to pay the indicated amount for a blog posting that meets the given advertiser’s criteria.

For example, the posting below required at least 200 words about Davison Design. Also included by specification is an invisible tracking link. (I added the visible images although they were not specified.) A link back to the sponsor was also specified. Any such links will be specified at PayPerPost and are provided for you to use. The write-up was specified to be a neutral review, but as you will see at PayPerPost, some advertisers specify if a given posting is to be just a review, only positive in tone, the blogger’s own assessment of the advertised product, or neutral in tone.

Once PayPerPost reviews your blog posting and verifies it meets all stated criteria, the offered amount is automatically deposited in your PayPal account once a month. (I am assuming that given my report states the deposit will be made to my PayPal account in 29 days.) What you see below was my first trial. I had my doubts, but it appears to be just as advertised.

In sum, what can be better than being paid to blog as you would anyway? Thanks, PayPerPost. Also thanks to another WordPress blogger who pointed me to it. As I said, it’s easy money — if you’re willing to sell-out. You can also choose to donate your earnings to charity.

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4 Responses to “ (Easy $$$ for bloggers!)”

  1. Colleen Says:

    I love Payperpost. And yes, for $800 in 6 weeks – call me a sell out if that’s what I am.

  2. Blogger #42 Says:

    I do not like PayPerPost after being cheated out of my money. It can die a slow and painful death for all I care.

  3. mark Says:

    PayPerPost is expressly forbidden on here.
    All ads / posts / links need to be removed.
    You can contact me by using the Feedback form.

  4. SippinWhisky Says:

    No entries here are now affiliated with PayPerPost. (However, this is why I’m looking to move my blog elsewhere. Advertising is a good thing.) ~Former marketer (SippinWhisky)

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