Tom Jones


There is cluelessness and then there’s cluelessness. Both can be found running rampant at, the web site of the 1960s singer who often had women throwing their bras and panties onto the stage during his performances. You would think the singer’s web site was a circus with all the hoops through which one must jump in order to fully access the site. (Maybe he’s signed by SONY, the recording label that infamously and clandestinely installed a rootkit onto its customers’ computers.)

First, I had to provide my e-mail address and select a password. That’s a bit much when trying to attract visitors, but The Distillery can certainly understand collecting marketing research and customer data. However, did that allow full entry? No, it did not.

From there I was directed to another page where I had to provide my name, e-mail address again, and other demographic information. I also had to be careful and opt out of any mailing lists. I then had to check my Inbox for a confirmation missive. It arrived with three essential bits of information needed to enter the site — Membership ID, Activation Code, and a Check Code. But after entering all of that, I then received an error message. It seems Mr. Jones is a big fan of pop-ups. (Someone stop the pain, please.)

My goodness, even the FBI didn’t require that much personal information for my security clearances! And no, that is not the way to make someone very likely going out of their way and looking for the site feel the least bit welcome. But, Mr. Tom Jones is a throw-back, a product of the Sixties. I’m certain he’s still not at all comfortable with that new-fangled thing over in the corner called a ‘puter.

That said, and although the site is extremely well-stocked with Tom Jones stuff (e.g., videos, songs, photos, forums, downloads), The Distillery cannot recommend it. Instead, the suggestion to avoid the site entirely is The Distillery’s current position — at least until Tom Jones thinks “It’s Not Unusual” to grant fans easy access and also not require unnecessary personal information.

It’s not about you controlling the user’s experience, Mr. Jones, but the user controlling his/her own experience. Duh! There’s cluelessness and then there is stupidity. The latter far more greatly applies than the former at

Home page: Tom Jones

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