Oh, Miss Scarlett, I don’t know nuthin’ ’bout birthin’ babies!

According to Gerber, a baby will be born sometime in October 2006 and his or her birth will mark the United States’ population reaching 300,000,000. And at the web site, it appears Gerber has something special planned for that milestone baby. What’s in store? That remains unknown given there is now very little at We are told to return on August 10, 2006. Mark your calendars.

Although awaiting its due date, the special site for that special baby already deserves a look. The soft background music of Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star is most pleasant, especially given it does not repeat ad nauseum. The graphic of a nighttime skyline with twinkling and shooting stars is beautiful and holds at least one secret as of now. Some of the links below the skyline graphic exit the site, but you might enjoy sticking around by clicking on Trivia or Watch TV Commercial.

What more does Gerber plan for that special baby boy or girl? It seems the firm is not yet saying, but The Distillery suspects the parent(s) of that little bundle of joy will be even more pleased with a forthcoming rash of gifts. (Remember to inoculate the little one for the other rashes.) Meanwhile, let’s stay tuned and keep up with the country’s current population count, a running total of which is also found at (As of this posting, it was 299,406,866 people.)

Home page: Gerber
Home page:

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16 Responses to “ (Gerber)”

  1. VERONICA Says:


  2. Blogger #42 Says:


    October 10th? That’s my birthday.

    Let’s hope you are indeed carrying the new “Gerber” baby. But if not, he or she will still be very special at one-in-three hundred million.

  3. Ladeana Says:

    Texas deserves something like that!

  4. Trish Says:

    Babies are so wonderful and we are having our fifth baby… we heard about the Gerber baby 300,000,000 and it seems so amazing to think our baby could be that person! It puts perspective on things that’s for sure! I do have to wonder though what number our other kids were in the grand scheme of things! :) Congrats to all the parents expecting right now and good luck to all those new parents!! Kids are the most precious gift! Enjoy every moment.

  5. Blogger #42 Says:

    Ladeana, Texas already has Lance Armstrong. (‘Nuff said.)

  6. Grandma Bethe Says:

    My Grandson, Devyn Lee is due on Oct. 16th. His first due date was Oct. 22nd. If my calculations are correct, the 300,000,000 person (aka baby), will be born around the 21st.
    So yes I am praying and hoping.

    We also are from Texas.

    Good Luck everyone

  7. SippinWhisky Says:

    We have yet another?! I’m beginning to think The Distillery should offer some sort of prize. At the very least, everyone should feel free to send photographs or links to video and I will be overjoyed to post them here.

    Best of luck to each soon-to-be mom, grandmother, uncle, aunt, sibling, godmother, new baby, etc.

  8. kelly Says:

    I’m going to be a grandma! Oct. 12, 2006. We are waiting to see him or her. Maybe we will see you in Iowa.Good luck amercia!

  9. Brent Albertson Says:

    I work at Gerber, and I don’t get to know what they are going to do for the 300 millionth American.
    However, if you live near Fort Smith Arkansas, or Freemont Michigan, and you or someone you know is pregnant, I recomend trying to go to the Mothers-to-be-day special event. We put this event on twice a year, and it is well worth it to go. Aside from all of the free stuff you get, you will learn alot of useful information.

  10. jen Says:

    My due date is the 23rd of October and my boyfriend, my son and I are awaiting for the new arrival of a baby girl. Good luck to everyone out their , and hopefully we will see you in Idaho.

  11. Ron Says:

    My wife is having our fifth baby “Kameryn” on Oct. 11 by Cesarean. We have been blessed with triplet girls and a boy. As it seems, we could now be blessed with having our new baby be the 300,000,000 baby born. It might be happening on the 11th, so you be ready to come down by Little Rock, AR.

  12. McCall Says:

    I am an excited Mother to be due NOW!! Lil Isabella is holding out and we are past due…. Maybe she’s waiting to be lil miss 300,000,000!!! Good luck to all you expectant mom’s… let’s hope it’s not an immigrant adult that stills this babies thunder!! That would make it a little hard for Gerber to celebrate!

  13. SippinWhisky Says:

    My good readers, I apologize for getting your comments up only now. Please forgive. Congratulations to all the new and soon-to-be moms, newborns, and fathers out there.

    I heard over this past weekend that the Gerber baby has not yet been born, but the time is getting very close. I call others’ attention to the posting by Gerber employee, Brent Albertson. It appears Gerber finds each and every baby and his or her mother very special people.

    Thank you for stopping in, Brent.

  14. James Says:


  15. Jerom Says:

    haha great! I must show that to my friend :D

  16. Kim Says:

    Merry Christmas :)

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