Remember when the internet first went public and countless web sites offered as many free e-cards you could ever want to send? However, when providers began charging fees, e-cards seemed to vanish overnight — but they actually are still around, for that fee. But also, when e-cards were free, all providers offered essentially the same card themes and almost none, as I recall, targeted specific market segments. That is no longer the case, especially with HatterChatter.com.

The Distillery gives a standing ovation to HatterChatter for carefully selecting and uniquely targeting its particular market segment. The firm’s tagline is funny personalized e-cards for 50+ year-old young women. As I recall (from my typically poor memory), that is the very demographic which enjoys sending greeting cards and does so more than any other.

HatterChatter offers cards very much consistent with its “50+ year-old young women” target market. For example, there is its Five Alarm Flash card for women experiencing hot flashes. There is also its Channel Surfer card for a sick friend. There are scores more with other themes.

The Distillery has but one quibble with the web site. It could be on this end, but when one navigates away from a given page where an animated card and music are playing, the music does not stop. To silence it, one must return to the site’s home page. Aside from that, the $7.00 US annual fee seems very reasonable for a well-considered product and service.

Home page: HatterChatter.com

HatterChatter.com logo graphic

HatterChatter.com index page graphic

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