Alienware (computers) & Superman (movie)


AlienWare and Superman. Nice fit. Super-fast computers that often look like sinister other-worldly machines and the depiction of a Superman who looks not at all mild-mannered.

Doesn’t that Superman logo on the laptop look exceptionally cool? I want one! However, with only 350 of the laptops being made, I’m likely very out of luck. (You’ve got an Apple logo on your laptop? Gee, I’m sorry to hear that. You have my sympathy. But, we all can’t have the coolest looking laptops, can we?)

If you think only 350 laptops is a limited edition, then how about only 250 Area-51 Superman Desktop Editions? That’s right, regardless of the one you want, you’d better hurry. But remember, AlienWare computers are far from cheap. You might want to take along both credit cards.

The AlienWare-Superman co-branding is almost a stroke of genius. The entire promotional site does not disappoint. It is indeed a super site. Enjoy.

Home page: AlienWare
Co-branding site: AlienWare-Superman
Landing page: Area-51 Superman Returns Edition Notebook
Landing page: Area-51 7500 Superman Edition Desktop

AlienWare Superman laptop graphic AlienWare Superman Desktop graphic

AlienWare logo graphic Superman logo graphic

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