With deliberation…a change? (Location, location, location.)


Please forgive the vacuum of postings over the past few days. However, nothing has been forsaken. In fact, The Distillery is very actively reevaluating its continued presence here at WordPress.com. WordPress.com will always be considered “home,” but as some of you may know, WordPress blogs hosted here have limited capabilities. Some of those limitations are now being addressed with CSS support, customizable templates, and other ideas being tossed around.

However, there remains a big gap between what The Distillery is able to offer its readers here, and what it would like to offer them. Therefore, other blog hosting services are now being evaluated. No firm decisions have yet been made (including definitely leaving WordPress), but a clearer picture should emerge over the next few days. I ask that you bear with me in the meanwhile.

At present, The Distillery is looking to incorporate a speaking virtual hostess (thanks to SitePal), a Reuters video player, and additional advertising. In the interim, your patience and continued loyalty are requested. Also, should you have any advice or ideas you’d like to share, please feel free to either leave a comment or drop me an e-mail. Your input will be most valued — and very possibly even used.

Reuters video player graphic

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