(Microsoft & Razer)


What might Microsoft and Razer have in store for us at A new game? Another mousepad? It seems no one is telling. Maybe no one knows, including Microsoft. (But knowing Microsoft’s history, let’s not get too excited. After all, it’s a company well-known known for disappointing its customers and copying or suing its competitors. Also, when was the last time you saw something from Microsoft and went, “Wow!”? *)

Home page:
Home page: Razer

* There is one kudo due Microsoft — or more specifically, the company it acquired in order to offer the product. If you have not, have a look at its free FolderShare software and service. FolderShare definitely makes life easier. (But remember, nothing truly “Wow!” has ever come from Microsoft itself. No, I’m wrong about that. Internet Explorer deserved a “Wow!” a decade or so ago. The same most definitely cannot be said for the new I.E.7 browser, however. Try as it may with its thousands of employees, Microsoft still cannot produce a respectable 21st century browser.)

Razer Krait mouse graphic

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  1. SippinWhisky’s Distillery » Blog Archive » (unwrapped) Says:

    […] Microsoft and Razer have taken the wraps off over at And what was the suspense about? And, how did The Distillery know beforehand, which is evidenced by the picture of a mouse used in the first posting? […]

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