Independent World Television


The Distillery calls your attention to Independent World Television and its cache of videos. Or, how about being a TVoIP show host? Lest we forget, even Edward R. Murrow and Katie Couric had to start somewhere.

No corporate dollars. No government funding. No advertising.

That’s what they say. Then how is it possible? Private benefactors? A rich uncle? An oil sheik? Possibly a money-laundering scheme? It may sound a tad old-fashioned, but The Distillery is a bit cynical about free lunches, roads paved with gold, lands of milk and honey, and virgins. Then again, Independent World Television does make its business plan public. (Yea, The Distillery believes everything it reads online.)

And, none of these “friends” of IWT could possibly have an agenda or any influence over content, right? Of course not. Never! Still, let’s keep an eye on these folks. The Distillery foresees something either really good or really bad coming from this. (Where’s that business plan again?)

Home page: Independent World Television

IWT logo graphic

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