NEC Electronics


For whatever reasons, The Distillery expected to find plenty of rich media content at NEC. Maybe it was a function of the first VCR I purchased back in 1980, made by NEC, for something like $1100.00 US. The Distillery was wrong. Searching, searching, and searching turned up only static photos and pdf files. In fact, NEC was only nanoseconds away from joining the Hall of Shame.

What saved NEC? Sadly, not anything fun or exciting in the least — unless you are the truest of /. geeks. Instead, we learn how how semiconductors are made via a virtual factory tour.

Please good readers, if this is the sort of rich media content you intend to produce, then hide it away just as NEC did. You wouldn’t want to scare away any prospective customers. Even I, someone who likes the NEC brand, has been made less loyal a customer by this pathetic and boring-to-death attempt at producing “engaging” online promotion.

Home page: NEC Electronics
Home page: NEC Global Gateway

NEC products graphic
NEC logo graphic

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