Microsoft Shared Computer Toolkit for Windows XP


It is always a good idea to see what Microsoft is up to at the Redmond Country Club. After all, Microsoft invariably takes the fore in introducing breakthrough technologies, right? Of course. And, it does so once again with its Microsoft Shared Computer Toolkit for Windows XP.

But all kidding aside, this appears to be a free product from Microsoft targeted toward environments where users must share computers — schools, internet cafés, etc. And as someone who often encounters computers used by more than a single person, I can fully attest to the need for keeping them both operational and secure. The havoc wrought to a personal computer by either a determined or clueless person can be almost beyond belief.

Especially for schools and educators, The Distillery recommends the Shared Computer Toolkit be given a much closer look. And if you like what you see, it can be downloaded here. But if you want more information than given in the demonstration already linked, then point your cursor to the installation and configuration demo. You will know better what you’re getting yourself into.

Home page: Microsoft Shared Computer Toolkit for Windows XP

Microsoft Shared Computer Toolkit graphic Windows logo graphic

(Microsoft, I still have not forgotten that one of your sales reps cheated me. But, I am still willing to forgive. Just make good on your promise. Maybe this sort of behavior is an example of why recent surveys clearly indicate consumers have major trust issues regarding you.)

One Response to “Microsoft Shared Computer Toolkit for Windows XP”

  1. Alec Says:

    If you have Windows XP, why do you use linux?
    Basically I dont see any advantages to using linux over windows xp, Im dual booting windows
    and ubuntu. Ubuntu is nice and all but I dont see anything that would make me prefer it
    over windows.The only thing i have been using ubuntu for is web browsing playing
    music/movies (cant play games) which I can do better/hassle free in windows.
    So what are the advantages of l using linux over xp?

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