Phoenix Suns (NBA)


What do you know about basketball? Do you know what a pick-and-roll is? How about a match-up zone defense? Can you come close to understanding the intricacies of the triangle offense? No? Then is going to be tough going around here come basketball season — both college (Duke, of course) and professional.

When The Distillery gets bored, it turns to either basketball or cycling. But since The Tour is over, and seemingly tarnished by doping, the focus is on basketball. And specifically today, it’s on the Phoenix Suns and their back-to-back NBA’s Most Valuable Player, Steve Nash. If you doubt he is deserving, then have a look at these highlights. Even more, he’s the only point guard other than Magic Johnson to win the award more than once. That’s mighty fine company to be keeping.

However, it appears the Phoenix Suns and the NBA are spot-on with their marketing. Each team’s site is a satellite of and filled with superb multimedia content. It’s enough to keep you busy for a while. And, the Phoenix Suns are linked to NBA TV Broadband, the Association’s TVoIP channel and player. (I will have to give my old college pal a call and congratulate him. He’s apparently doing a fine job as the Association’s vice president of marketing.)

But what about Phoenix Suns tickets? Are they as difficult to get your hands on as is even just one for a Duke game (men’s or women’s) at Cameron Indoor Stadium? I don’t think so, but you might call early just in case. Whatever you do, do not buy them from I have personal experience with these people being far less than reputable. They cheat. And, I never trust a company that will not provide an e-mail address for its customers. So although endorsed by the Wall Street Journal (or a friend inside), the firm will not get The Distillery’s endorsement.

Home page: Phoenix Suns

Phoenix Suns' Steve Nash MVP photo graphic

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