Walgreens Pharmacy and Health Corner TV


This one was a real surprise. The Distillery never expected to find a such a phenomenal online presence by Walgreens. In fact, there is so much that today you will be pointed to only Health Corner TV, apparently a joint venture between Walgreens and Lifetime Television for Women, and Animated Features, “more than 100 entertaining and informative animated features on topics ranging from allergy, blood pressure, and cosmetic surgery to blinking, Alzheimer’s disease, and the effect of tobacco use on arteries.”

The Distillery admits to having a perception of Walgreens as an old and stogy drug store chain. However, that baseless assumption appears to be totally inaccurate. In fact, and to paraphrase the retort of a well-known physicist after reading someone’s out-in-left-field paper, The Distillery wasn’t even wrong! That is, all expectations were completely off the map. Instead, Walgreens is found to be among the leaders as today’s marketing environment experiences a drastic overhaul. Tomorrow, let’s see how a competitor, Eckerd Pharmacy, stacks up.

Home page:  Walgreens
Home page:  Walgreens Health Corner TV
Home page:  Walgreens Animation Player
Home page:  Lifetime Television for Women
Walgreens weekly advertising insert graphic

3 Responses to “Walgreens Pharmacy and Health Corner TV”

  1. George Hall Says:

    No. 1: Who is Blogger #42.
    No. 2: Who is the well-known physicist, whom you quoted?

  2. Blogger #42 Says:

    #1. I am.
    #2. Wolfgang Pauli (Nobel Laureate, Physics, 1945)

  3. Blogger #42 Says:

    “Mr. Hall,” you are very sick. I strongly advise you to seek psychiatric treatment. All future comments from you will be removed from this site.

    Note: Before changing your name (again), you should have learned about changing IP addresses.

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