Oshkosh Truck Corporation


Because the road to freedom isn’t paved! – Oshkosh Truck Corp.

“Oshkosh” always reminds The Distillery of clothing for toddlers. However, except for bringing Tonka Toys to mind, Oshkosh Truck Corporation bears little resemblance to a children’s clothing manufacturer. Instead, it manufactures severe-duty trucks for defense, airport, municipal and concrete. (The Distillery likes the word “severe” in that description. It’s not the usual descriptor and is attention-catching.)

On the other hand, the repetitious drum beat heard on the site’s home page quickly becomes a severe hurt on one’s ears. And unlike the best of sites, there is no “Off” switch for a very irritating soundtrack. Not good, so let’s get beyond the index page as quickly as possible.

Moving on, we find Oshkosh feels Our Soldiers Deserve the Best and Oshkosh Is Honored to Deliver It. The slogans are a nice defense-related tie-in for its online advertising. The soundtrack is initially appropriate, but once again quickly grows old as it ends with the sound of machine gun fire and then repeats ad nauseum.

But, we do find Oshkosh recognizing the value of the internet for online promotion with this video of its newest severe-duty military truck. One also finds video of the world’s only electric hydrid [sic] drive designed esepcially [sic] for severe-duty trucks. In addition, there is video of the computer-controled [sic] multiplexing system that operates and diagnozes [sic] all vehicle systems.

Not to leave potential buyers asking too many of the more obvious questions, we find more video of the independent front suspension that provides three times a smoother ride in Oshkosh trucks. Additional video(s) can be found here and here, and in other places throughout the site. But before you leave, be certain to also visit Oshkosh’s TerraMax site. There you will find videos of its DARPA robotic vehicle.

In all, very nicely done–excluding the countless and inexcusable spelling errors–for an 85 year-old company that does not sell what one might consider high-tech products. However, someone at Oshkosh needs to be shown the spell-checker on their computer. Or, that’s one pathetic advertising agency that allows such obvious and embarrassing spelling errors out the door. The Distillery certainly will not ever recommend or hire that advertising firm.

The above caveat aside, it appears they make far interesting products and advertising in Wisconsin than just the state’s superb dairy products and children’s clothing. I knew there was a reason The Distillery liked that state beyond its frigid temperatures. And remember, the road to freedom isn’t paved.

Home page:  Oshkosh Truck Corporation
Home page:  TerraMax

Oshkosh Truck Corp. logo graphic

TerraMax robotic Vehicle

(And where have I been lately? Very busy with real work, having a birthday, and dealing with crazy people. But once again, SippinWhisky’s Distillery is distilling the internet’s rich media advertising. Enjoy your daily sips.)

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  1. Cindy Says:

    Who is Oshkosh’s ad agency?

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