Dassault Falcon 7X & Dassault Aviation


One kind reader of SippinWhisky’s Distillery has commented on the apparent love of jets here. Yes, The Distillery loves jets, but that’s far from the complete story. Highlighted here are many products one will never see in other advertising mediums, especially those offered to the general public. Factors creating that sparcity include very small target markets, complex products, traditionally expensive advertising costs, etc.

However, the internet and broadband have changed the means and costs by which information about very expensive and relatively rare products can be promoted to consumers, even those not likely ever to be customers. Thus, the frequency of postings about jets. That explained…

We have the Dassault Falcon 7X. You will not see this airplane advertised on television. However, it may well have been included in the in-flight magazine for the Concorde when it was still flying. Maybe ads for it are seen in some first class sections of the world’s finer airlines. Regardless, you are no longer left grounded simply because you do not have access to any particular promotional mediums.

Enjoy imagining yourself owning and flying the Falcon 7X. Aeroplane aficionados may well enjoy this page linked to videos, sounds, logos, 3-D drawings, and historical photographs from Dassault Passion.

Home page:  Dassault Falcon
Of Interest(?): Interactive Product Tour

Dassault Falcon cut-away graphic

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