The Oneness Minute – Humanity’s Team


God typically seems to get his advertising right. Hey, look at all his loyal customers. (And yes, Virginia, even God advertises.) This relatively tiny site, The Oneness Minute, is interesting in that it is actually designed to sell a book, Waves of Oneness. However, the veiled selling spiel is all but subversive. Before one is encouraged to buy the book, free posters are offered. (You need only pay shipping and handling costs.) You are also permitted to download the site’s theme song. All of this is offered by Humanity’s Team, a group of spiritual activists. (Jeesh, that almost comes across as an oxymoron.)

The site opens with a pleasant narrative and a folksy tune reminding us that we all live together, regardless of our differences, on this one single planet. After the index page introduction, the site then automatically opens a second page where you are encouraged, via a mailing list, to join thousands from all over the world at 11:11 AM [each day] to celebrate our oneness!  

The owners and operators of this small site seem far from dumb. They have used the internet to take a most round-about manner to ultimately sell books–and their brand of spirituality. The Distillery is even willing to bet the site’s operators rake in decent revenue from their simple, but effective efforts. God bless them.

Home page:  The Oneness Minute

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