Eurofighter Typhoon


War seems to be good business these days. Maybe that is why we see bona fide fighter aircraft being sold online as if they were only Matchbox toys. Although it cannot be the case, one could think simply pulling out a credit card and paying a few million dollars will place a Eurofighter Typhoon in your driveway.

As all who have taken basic marketing know, there are several roles in the purchasing process. For example, we have influencers and decision-makers, among others. That then begs the question for which role was the low-tech game Blue Sky One designed? And, it is not the only game at the web site. Strangely, there are several. Might they be for the children of evil despots looking to buy planes for their governments? Might they be for a President who enjoys playing war? Regardless, The Distillery is having a rough time determining what children’s games are doing in the middle of a web site designed to sell weapons of destruction. (Or, in the case of some opinions–weapons of democracy.)

That strange finding aside, we do discover quite a number of superb Typhoon videos at the web site. Several are essentially small movie productions (e.g., Nothing Comes Close), and are quite excellent. It seems the international arms trade is not to be left behind as the internet and online marketing mature. Almost all of the videos are of significant size so be patient as you wait for them to download and play. However, each is also offered in low- and high-bandwidth versions. Enjoy.

Home page:  Eurofighter Typhoon



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