Barack Obama (for President?)


Oprah loves him. (Isn’t that enough to become President?) He is almost the quintessential American having a home village back in Africa, but having risen to a powerful United States senatorial position in a very short time and at a relatively young age. (Note: His father is actually from the African village, but Senator Obama–his son–is warmly welcomed there as one of their own.) And, most importantly, there has been much speculation about his running for President in 2008.

To gauge the measure of that speculation vs. reality, Senator Obama has created a web site to explore his options and possibilities. However, how does it stack up against who may be his major competitor, Senator Clinton? Quite frankly, although a decent effort, Senator Obama’s web presence is easily trumped by the efforts of Senator Clinton and her team.

Yes, there is an explanatory video at his site. However, different from Senator Clinton, Senator Obama appears not to have fully committed a significant measure of his (possible) campaign to the internet. Although there is not the feeling of his site being incomplete, it does not have the overall integration of design and interactivity found at Senator Clinton’s site. Is that a shortcoming? Maybe or maybe not.

As at his competitor’s site, we do find video about Senator Obama. And again, we find video discussing his possible presidential bid. That is the extent of it. Might I suggest that Senator Obama look closely at one of his most important target audiences and observe their changing information acquisition habits? A greater and more complete web presence is needed for younger voters and possibly some older voters now disenchanted with the current administration. That said, it is still early. Let’s keep an eye on Senator Obama’s site. I suspect “his people” will not be long in recognizing their oversight and mistakes.

Home page:  Barack Obama – Obama Exploratory Committee


4 Responses to “Barack Obama (for President?)”

  1. icanplainlysee Says:


    I noticed a lack of information about this mans 4 years of teachings regarding his Muslim roots and those of his father. Nor that his mother, now deceased spent many years in an asylum and fought a drug addiction. Nor that his father abandoned his family when this man was about 7. Not mention the last shady real estate deal or his cocaine and marijuana use.

    At least present the facts without the ususal Oprah type dismissal of reality.

  2. SippinWhisky Says:

    For one, it sounds like he had a great number of obstacles to overcome to achieve all that he has. Second, what’s the problem with “a lack of information” about his religion. This is America still, right? As last I recall, freedom of religion and the removal of bias regarding it are American ideals.

    As for any shady deals, I think he’s been fairly cleared of that. And, what politician hasn’t made at least one shady deal in his or her time? (Oh, Jimmy Carter. Look at his presidency.) As for drug use, both are in Senator Obama’s past. There is much past behavior we could have held against almost every American president, including our founding fathers.

    It’s called being human.

  3. icanplainlysee Says:

    Very generous of you, only human.

    I wonder what, if any, activities would preclude someone running for public office?I suspect nothing, as long as it seems far away, long ago or doesn’t fly in the face of political correctness, but I could be wrong.

    As far as religion is concerned, your dreaming if you think no one notices. I would prepare for the Clinton people to sound it loud and clear MUSLIM education as a youngster. After all, they teach Muslim children in Muslim schools about Islam and Mohammed, right? Surely Mr.Obama is proud of his heritage.

    In any event, drastically lowering the standards for President isn’t something you should be so willing to accomodate. I’ll be long dead while you are forced to live with your decision to do this.

    Thanks for your post.

  4. SippinWhisky Says:

    It is most unfortunate that you feel that being Muslim somehow lowers a person’s worth. You know, similar was said about another imperfect person who became president–John F. Kennedy. Then, it was him being Catholic that some watched and negatively weighted. (Yes, I’m older than you clearly have assumed.)

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