Suzuki XL7


It is not quite a car; it is not quite a SUV. It is the new Suzuki XL7, a hybrid automobile. (Couldn’t Suzuki find a voice-over that actually inspired one to listen?) In fact, it appears that Suzuki has looked to replace Subaru as the car for younger, active drivers.

However, this is also an automobile clearly designed to cross target markets ranging from the above-mentioned younger drivers to families that do not wish a full-sized SUV. The assessment that the XL7 is targeting younger drivers is reflected in Suzuki’s online game, Halfpipe Jams. (Don’t worry about taking the survey and registering for a code. Just use the code “HPJ” to gain entry.)

Home page:  Suzuki XL7
Video tour:  2007 XL7
Game:  Halfpipe Jams

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