United States Marines


The Marines have marched from the Halls of Montezuma to the advertising agencies of Madison Avenue. At least so it appears from the U.S. Marines’ very excellent web site/recruiting tool. And although the site does not open with lights and sounds, plenty are to be found within.

This site is very well designed. It is far beyond being “good enough for government work.” Subtle sounds keep dead air to a fair minimum. Louder background sounds do the same elsewhere throughout the site. Navigation around a very large site has been made quite manageable. In all, there are many little touches that take this site to excellence. And despite the war in Iraq and larger war on terror, the site certainly makes The Distillery feel All-American and very proud to be so.

Look for videos highlighting the silent drill team, combat arms, the motto Semper Fidelis, the Marine Corps bands, and many other aspects of Marine life. You will find the many videos scattered throughout the sight with just enough frequency to keep one interested and looking.

Home page:  Marines.com
Home page:  USMC.mil



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