G.I. Joe (Monkeybar TV)


This one is not only for boys still in their childhood, but also grown men who have never outgrown their G.I. Joe action figures. (Girls, you had Barbie and it was a doll.) And, it is a counterpoint to the ever-popular EverythingGirls.com also found here at The Distillery.

The G.I. Joe site is quite impressive. There are games and online cartoons. Also found are comic books, wallpapers, and the now oft’seen TV commercials placed online. However, the latter are not used as the site’s primary content as is seen all too frequently. Kudos to Hasbro’s Monkeybar TV and G.I. Joe for a site well done. (Okay little and big boys alike, let’s play!)

Home page:  G.I. Joe
Cartoons:  G.I. Joe
Home page:  Monkeybar TV

Quite the big gun you have there, Joe.


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